"attractive rock noir personality"
Photography and other work by Kaoru Sato (aka 'Miss K'), transgender photographer and musician. Guitarist in Deathline. Everything here is by me and / or of me. Some adult content. Scrapbook of stuff I like over here.
Over here for my long form blog.

Ah the voice of sanity. Thanks darlin x

Jesus Christ. What is this. Fucking bed wetters hotline? Get to fuck. No more anons

I *am* pretty rude. Anyway haven’t you fucked off and died like I told you to yet? Quick sticks. Hop to it. Kthxba

fuck off and die then, lol

I wouldn’t last a day working in a mine. Fuck sake. Work on your opening gambit

I don’t show my fifth, sixth or seventh dimensional extrusions to anyone. You would die if you saw them. Do you want that? Do you?

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